Changing the World One Art Project at a Time

Social practice is considered a form of public art because it is a visual representation of social formations in the public sphere.  It is a commitment to change, and so is art.  It helps us believe more in art and the creators.

Project One

Name:Homeless Remembrance Project (Tree of Life & Leaves of Remembrance)

Where: Seattle, Washington, USA, North America


Description: There is a bronze tree in Seattle that commemorates the victims rather than heroes.  The monument is extended throughout the city with the Leaves in order to have a full impact on the community.  The memorial is in honor of the homeless people in the city and especially those who have died.

Why It Deserves to Win:  Just reading the description made me rethink every thought I’ve had about the homeless people on Green Street.  I love the idea of it being extended throughout the city “as if scattered by the wind, serving as an enduring public testimony to the inherent humanity of homeless people.”

Project Two

Name: Ghetto Biennale

Where: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Central America


Description: This project extends help and opportunities to the artists of Haiti in order to provide access to new concepts, people, and materials.

Why It Deserves to Win: I have a cousin who is living in Haiti and have experienced firsthand the struggles of the caged artists in this country.  With the help of an outside source, like this project, they will be able to possibly make more money for their works and therefore be less impoverished than they are now.

Project Three

Name: The Pallet Pavillion

Where: Christchurch City, New Zealand


Description: This was a temporary structure that was built out of 3000 pallets by volunteers to create a event venue.  It is visually engaging and dynamic.  It was built in a post disaster city.

Why It Deserves to Win: This idea could be put into great use in other disaster-stricken areas.  It gives a sense of accomplishment to the community and helps them see that not everything is lost.


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