Making a Statement

art is dangerous 1art is dangerous 6art is dangerous 5art is dangerous 4art is dangerous 3art is dangerous 2

The clever designer of these advertisements plays with the idea of social activism and art, but in a reversed way.  They portray art as the thing that is an unacceptable experience instead of having art portray what is unacceptable about society.

Art has always played a strong role in political and social activism.  Graffiti has been used for years to express discontent with a higher power.  Street artists pave the road of unhappiness and displeasure with their symbols of resistance.  Music is intended to unite groups of unsettled peoples whereas visual art stands out on its own.  Both, however, have been very influential in the social world we live in.

All art can be considered to be social activist art.  It is the art that is purposely made to represent the activist culture is considered propaganda.  My favorite example of art/propaganda from the readings is the one entitled Question Authority.  It has such an empowered view.  I love the slogan printed on it: “By the people for the people?”  The question mark really makes this slogan that much more powerful.  This specific piece falls into the propaganda idea.  It was consciously made to be a political protest.

Interventionist art refers to a situation in which artists create art in a public space and then use the intrigue the work generates to start difficult conversations about controversial issues.

The artists mentioned in the articles used art as their weapon.  They made a bold statement and people responded accordingly.  The artists made an impression on the people and therefore the higher powers that be, even though it did not change the political climate of Wisconsin.

[A]ll art is uncommitted crime.


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