The Art of War

The most inspiring works of art tend to come from times of distress and unrest.  YZ and her “Amazone” work is no exception.  The artist turned something brutal and forceful into beautiful and powerful.  She played greatly with the concept of gender roles.  Her works on the side of buildings in West Africa were so wonderfully placed giving them that much more of an impact on the society they were dropped into.  The idea of women in a position of power in these societies is almost unheard of.  This speaks wonders for the history behind them as well.  These women were so forceful and brutal yet she creates a serene and beautiful portrayal of them that makes them seem almost harmless.  They seem to contradict themselves.

The image I chose strongly reflects the idea of gender and society.  It was used to gain momentum for women to help with the war effort in more ways than just collecting scrap metal or growing victory gardens.  It encouraged women to join the work force and help out in a better way, break the stereotypes so to speak.

In the second article, Mallonee describes three factors that lead to the revitalization of the art of woodblock publishing.  These include:

1. Japan fought China with naval and land battles that lead to new subject matter.

2. There was high intrigue and demand for such artwork world wide.

3. Japan repealed a strict law that forbid artists from depicting current events.

I found the images from the first article very intriguing with their play in history and gender.  The images from the second article were interesting with their vivid colors; it almost seemed to promote the idea of war and glorify the effects.  The idea of making something so depressing and violent into something vivid and lively peaks my curiosity to an interesting level.  I have never thought of these situations from the perspective of the artists discussed in these articles.  I think I like it…


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