Boom, Boom! Fire Power!

Art is a very powerful thing. It can influence people to do all types of different things.  This article that was assigned in particular discusses the “power of artists through their ideas as authors” (p. 1).  This, to me, gave the impression that artists are very influential in every day life and can manipulate people’s emotions simply through a color choice perhaps.

The article relates the concepts of art and power with an exploration of different works of art.  Also, the topic is approached through discussion of contemporary art and artistic spaces.

Duchamp, for example uses his Ready Made piece to transform something we could see everyday to something almost majestic through something as simple as the signature he inscribes upon it, R. Mutt.  I mean, talk about power!  A few simple brush strokes and he has transformed the way we look at something so ordinary.  He turned it into something of value.  That’s impressive.

I completely agree that contemporary art receives much of its adoration from the idea of the power it possesses.  Think about it.  Much of modern art would be meaningless if the artists who designed and created them didn’t put thought into all the aspects of what they could symbolize.  Good contemporary art has to have that symbolism just as a credible novel has to have a steady plot and heavy connotation.  It wouldn’t be quality art without some sort of meaning in the outside world.


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