Smile Pretty for the Camera

According to the article by Dawn Chan, video games are gaining popularity in contemporary art.  This is because it is accessible to young viewers.  They are immersed in a culture that heavily relies on entertainment in the form of moving shapes and colors on a screen.  I agree with Chan when she says that videos games are so popular because they present a challenge that is difficult but not impossible.  Gamers feel the need to overpower the screen in front of them in order to feel smart or generally good about themselves.  It’s like an addiction for some people to feel this way.

According to the video, the most significant evolution in photography was color technology.  Though questioned at first, it was eventually taken on as the new standard of photos after WWII.  Because photography is so readily accessible to any person with a camera on their cell phone, I think photography is highly underrated.  The selfie culture has started to give a bad name to photography.  However, images can be so cool if the taker knows how to manipulate the subject and camera.

According to Wendell Berry, there is a huge difference between a professional photographer and one who takes pictures to document that the beach does still in fact have sand, water, and far too many people.  I could not agree more with Berry.  Professional photographers see the art in the process whereas tourists merely want to brag to all their friends on Instagram about their great vacation.  Berry states it perfectly when he says, “For [the tourist] the camera will never work as an instrument of perception or discovery.”

Now we have the figure of the tourist-photographer who, one gathers, will never know where he is, but only looking at his pictures, where he was.


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