Beautiful Bodies

pocahontas michael jackson

The images I selected are heavily influenced by what society perceives as beautiful–and not so beautiful.  I chose Pocahontas because Disney princesses are the epitome of what society believes beautiful should look like.  The Disney animators form a collective character that encompasses societies views of perfection for that culture.  This Native American princess not only meets society’s checklist, but also that of the article assigned this week: she has long, silky hair, a symmetrical face, and prominent facial features that are memorable.

Micheal Jackson on the other hand, society defines as unattractive because his features do not seem to make a collective face.  They have a sort of Frankenstein’s monster look about it.  They just do not seem to be from the same source.

Culturally, ideas of beauty differ, but only slightly, according to the article.  It ultimately depends on the era and culture to have a specific definition of beauty.

Based on the articles and the images I picked, I would say that it mainly depends on the artist’s personal taste and the idea for the work, but if it were me, I would pick the image of Pocahontas.  I feel this way because the subject fits all the criteria mentioned in the article and set by society, and Micheal Jackson is unattractive.


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  1. elfinsbl21 · March 8, 2015

    Love your two image choices!


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