Graphic Novels

 This week’s readings were really interesting to me.  It was mind boggling to read.  It didn’t seem like there was that much to read because it was in graphic form.  I think this also lead to me getting more out of it because it was more entertaining.  It made me stop and think about how I view things in the world.  Such as, “why do comic books work like they do?” or “Who invented the first graphic novel and think it would work for multiple age groups?”  It was just really interesting to put things into perspective.  My favorite part was about how because cartoons are simply drawn, they are sometimes easier to relate to or understand because there is not too much detail to get in the way of comprehension.

Garfield 4I have always really liked Garfield.  He and I have a lot in common after all: we love to eat, sleep, and throw some sarcasm around.  And honestly, neither of us find dogs to be that great–mainly just annoying.  I have always been more of a cat person.  Though he may be simple and sometimes not say much, I think he is pretty cool.  I have never met a more relatable cat.  I guess you could say he’s a pretty “cool cat.”


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