An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

I thought this weeks reading was actually really cool.  It gave me a new perspective on things, like don’t sweat the small stuff.  I actually wrote a few of the points down in sticky notes and pinned them to my bulletin board to provide motivation when needed.  My favorite one was #4: “Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child).”  This one not only made me chuckle but also made me realize that is okay to mess up and that I should embrace these so-called “experiments.”

Which leads me into the next question.  From this class, I want to learn about famous painters and how they may have had a rough start or even a miserable middle patch.  Often, we only hear of the success of the artists, which is cool.  However, I know they did not necessarily start out as an instant success.

Some particular artists I like and would enjoy learning more about are Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, and Vincent Van Gogh.  These are merely some my personal favorites.  I took a special in Dali when my mom bought me a huge book about his works for Christmas one year.  I always thought his works were cool because they took on a new perspective of life that people rarely think about or see.  I have always really like photography and Warhol’s work is so entrancing, it’s hard not to like.  Munch and Van Gogh are iconic artists and it is rare to come across someone who does not enjoy their classic masterpieces.


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